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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: best accessories for each class

Games let us do a multitude of things we never would, or could, do in real life. JRPGs in particular let us live out fantastical adventures, cast magic, travel across majestic landscapes, and even care about what we’re wearing. Gear of all forms has become a staple of RPGs as a whole, though they don’t always actually impact your character’s appearance. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can, in fact, change what outfits your characters wear, but that won’t impact their stats. Accessories are what you’re looking for when trying to add some buffs to your party.

Accessories are items you will be purchasing and swapping in and out as you progress through the game. They all offer different bonuses to the wearer, and some are even only wearable by specific characters. However, since you can change what class each member of your party is in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, accessories are best categorized based on which class they’re being applied to rather than which character. To help you build the most powerful classes in all of Aionios, here are the best accessories for each class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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How to get and equip more accessories

Noah runs across a bridge with a mountain vista in the background in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
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First and foremost, having accessories won’t do much if you don’t actually equip them. Thankfully, this is a very easy process. While in the game, simply pause and go to the Characters tab. Next, go to the Accessories section and press A to open a menu with all the accessories you can equip to that character. Repeat the process for your entire party, so long as you have enough accessories, of course.

At the beginning of the game, your characters can only equip one accessory each. However, just like Skills and Gems, you will unlock more accessory slots as well. You unlock a second slot when your character reaches level 30 and a final third slot at level 50. Make sure to fill each slot as soon as they open up to maximize their potential.

Best attacker accessories

Xenoblade Chronicles 3's protagonist Noah wields a glowing sword.
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Attacker classes will want to focus their accessories on ones that buff their damage in any way possible. We don’t recommend trying to even out their stats by using accessories to cover their weaknesses and instead let the other classes cover those aspects and just focus on as much DPS as possible. Here are the best accessories we recommend:

  • Assault Stone — boosts auto-attack damage
  • Steam Belt — boosts attack
  • Ice Headband — boosts critical rate
  • Leather Gloves — boosts accuracy each time an enemy evades an attack
  • Wind Leg Frame — boosts damage dealt for the first 30 seconds of battle

Best defender accessories

Four heroes standing in a purple mist.
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Defender classes have fallen into two main build types by the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 community: evasion-focused defenders and tanking defenders. The former focuses, as you probably guessed, on dodging incoming damage, while the latter absorbs the blows. Depending on which type of defender you want to build, match up the accessories to complement that style. Here are which ones to look for:

  • Soldier’s Headband — increases defense
  • Heavy Weak Guard — boosts block rate
  • Bronze Temple Guard — boosts max HP
  • Gear Support — boosts agility
  • Work Gloves — boosts evasion when an Art is active
  • Friendship Badge — boosts recharge gauge when a non-defender character is targeted

Best healer accessories

Noah plays a flute in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

And last up we have healers. This class is the simplest, at least on paper, to understand. You’re there to support the rest of the party with heals and buffs while staying out of danger as much as possible. A bad, or dead, healer can easily mean your party will wipe, so let’s set them up for success with these accessories:

  • Harvest Necklace — boosts the amount of HP healed by healing Arts
  • Circlet of Intellect — boosts healing by 20%
  • Bunnit Choker — boosts aggro reduction over time by 80%
  • Bronze Temple Guard — boosts maximum HP
  • Armored Lining — boosts Ether defense

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