Win a Flo detection system and catch leaks before they do damage

Water damage is more of a problem than you might think: The Insurance Information Institute reports that water damage costs American homeowners more than $9 billion per year and, perhaps most surprisingly, your home is five times more likely to suffer serious water damage than it is a fire or burglary. What’s more, the average water damage insurance claim costs more than $8,000 – making it something you clearly want to avoid ever having to deal with.

If you have smoke detectors and/or a security system, then it also makes sense to add water damage prevention measures to your home — and we’re giving one lucky reader a chance to score a brand-new Flo smart leak detection system. Once installed, the Flo system maps out and tracks the water flow in your home’s plumbing network, keeping tabs on anything out of the ordinary via daily active monitoring.

If a leak is detected, Flo pinpoints the source and alerts you, relaying the info right to your smartphone. This has allowed the Flo community to save more than 1 million gallons of water as of May 2018. Sixty percent of new Flo users immediately discover a leak they didn’t know they had. Flo can even predict leaks by noting changes in plumbing behavior, letting you catch problems before they happen, and can automatically shut off your water to prevent small leaks from becoming big ones.

If your home needs some leak protection, then enter below for a chance to win a Flo smart leak detection system – a $500 value – of your own:

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