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Alcatel announces stylus-friendly OneTouch Hero 2, slim Hero 8 at IFA 2014

alcatel announces onetouch hero 2 8 ifa 2014 onetouchhero2new
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The flagship brand of Alcatel Mobile Phones added two more devices to its lineup with the reveal of the OneTouch Hero 2 and 8 at IFA 2014. The additions of the new devices expands the portfolio of Alcatel – a joint venture between French Alcatel-Lucent and Chinese TCL Communication – with a phablet and improved tablet offering.

The OneTouch Hero 2 smartphone features a 6-inch, full HD display. Weighing just 175g and measuring in at just 7.9 mm thick, the OneTouch Hero 2 maintains a slim frame for its large screen. Powering the handset, running Android 4.4, is an LTE octa-core processor – an increasingly common style of chipset in phones marketed outside of the United States. 16GB of RAM and MicroSD storage of up to 32GB will handle memory. A 3,100mAh battery promises up to 500 hours of standby time. As one would expect, the Hero 2 has 4G connectivity, along with Wi-Fi and NFC.

Alcatel has placed a particular emphasis on creating with the OneTouch Hero 2. An included stylus ventures into Samsung S Pen territory, offering features like writing and sketching. Handwriting recognition also provides “desktop-like functionality to create and edit office documents on the go.” Photography will find use of the 13.1-megapixel camera with image and video stabilization and facial recognition.

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More interesting perhaps is the MagicFlip DJ phone cover, a mini DJ mix panel housed on a flip cover that allows users to mix music on the go. A variety of MagicFlip cases, including an LED one that lights up with notifications, will be available. A line of companion devices are designed to help shape the Hero 2 into a media machine. These accessories include a device to turn the smartphone into a media remote, and one that allows the phone to function as a laptop.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If the OneTouch Hero 2 is about creating, the OneTouch Hero 8 is about consuming with its tagline “Bring your living room with you.” Its 8-inch full HD display enters it into the mid-tier of tablet screens but its 7.3mm thickness and 310g weight make it “one of the slimmest and lightest tablets on the market.”

Like its smaller launch partner, the Hero 8 features an octa-core processor inside its small shell. Running Android 4.4, the tablet has 2GB of RAM and comes with 8, 16, or 32GB of internal memory, with microSD input for expansion. Bluetooth and optional NFC connectivity are available, and the device can stay connected with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi. A 5-megapixel camera graces the back of the Hero 8 while a 2-megapixel lens sits on the front.

The OneTouch Hero 8 is a Miracast-certified device, which allows users to transmit video or audio files from the tablet directly to a TV or monitor without wires or a router. The TV Mate feature turns the tablet into the universal remote control for televisions. The tablet can also connect via Bluetooth with a smartphone and handle voice-call duties.

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Similar to the Hero 2, the Hero 8 is compatible with a plethora of add-ons and accessories that lengthen the feature list and offer new conveniences with use. MagicFlip cases and other companion devices will be available to pair with the tablet.

Both the OneTouch Hero 2 and Hero 8 will be available in September of 2014. No price point has been announced for the devices.

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