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Amazon Fire TV Stick price drops to its cheapest since last Prime Day

Leading up to Prime Day, which will take place on June 21 and 22, Amazon is hosting a ton of deals on consumer electronics and entertainment products. Now’s your chance to get a great price on a new TV thanks to the best 4K TV deals. If you want a higher-resolution TV, there are also a bunch of 8K TV deals available. You can go with a smart TV, but you may find the built-in experience lacking.

In that case, it’s best to grab a streaming device like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K, which is available at a steep discount right now. Amazon dropped the price to $40, but for a limited time, you can get an additional $10 off when you use coupon code HELLOFTV at checkout. That brings the final price to $30.

Plug in the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and get instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows through all of your favorite streaming services. It comes with an Alexa-enabled voice remote, so you can ask her to start playback, search for content, and much more. “Alexa, find some comedies!” You can even control your Alexa-connected smart home devices right from your TV remote!

The Fire TV Stick plugs into any TV with an HDMI port, including older TVs that don’t have Wi-Fi built in. You’ll need a 4K-ready TV to take advantage of the higher video resolutions, though!

This model includes 8GB of storage for apps and content, a quad-core processor, and support for Dolby Atmos audio. Video playback up to 4K UHD with HDR, HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision is also supported. Added features include Bluetooth 5.0 LE and dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO) 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

When it’s not in use, it enters a low-power state to conserve energy, so you can leave it plugged in.

Currently, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is $40, which is $10 off the normal price ($50). However, if you use coupon code HELLOFTV at checkout, you get another $10 off, so the final price is $30. That code is available to everyone, even if you don’t have Prime. That is the lowest price we’ve seen since last year’s Prime Day sale!

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