Bang & Olufsen to Release BeoVision 10-46 LCD TV in April

beovision10-46-1Bang & Olufsen attributes the sudden release of the new BeoVision 10-46 LCD TV to the great success of its predecessor the BeoVision 10-40.  The company’s new 46-inch high-end HDTV sports the same technical specifications as its little brother the BV10-40—including the same sleek aluminum frame, an LED backlight and 200 Hz refresh rate. It is basically the same TV, but 6-inches larger.

“As a consequence of the positive reception of BeoVision 10-40, B&O has decided to launch a 46-inch version of the BeoVision 10 by the end of the financial year. The audio system, which was scheduled for launch before the end of the financial year, will be delayed, however,” says B&O.

BeoVision 10-46 will only be available in Europe, starting this April. The price is still unknown–and we’re going to guess it won’t be cheap, but it will probably be worth it.