No mount required: BenQ’s HT 1075 brings big-time versatility to the $1000 range

We hear people cracking jokes about ultra-large TVs all the time. Why don’t you just get a projector?, the say. We understand the sentiment, but the hard reality is that a projector isn’t realistic for a lot of folks — installation hassles and tight placement restrictions are often prohibitive. But the new BenQ HT1075 1080P HD projector aims to change that.

This projector is built for flexibility. It can accept wirelessly transmitted HDMI signals (with optional HDMI wireless kit — about $350, ouch!) and it’s got both vertical and horizontal keystone correction, plus vertical lens shift. That means that you can place it almost anywhere in a room (within reason) and get a nice big image up on the wall or projection screen.

How big? The HT1075 can get up to 100-inchs at just under 8 feet. That makes is a viable option for use in a a living room or bedroom. Just plug it in, and go. We can see this being the centerpiece of a backyard movie night (you’ll want to add a sound system) or a fun way to kick movie night in the family room up a notch

You can find the BenQ HT1075 at reputable retailers, including Amazon, for about $800.