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Contest #11: Win a HeadRoom Total BitHead Amp and Denon AH-D1001

Lack of thump in your headphones getting you down? The piddly headphones that came with your iPod will run directly from the device without complaining, but many audiophile cans require an extra dose of amplification to reach their true potential. Fear not, HeadRoom has you covered. HeadRoom’s Total BitHead will not only act as a standalone amplifier using four AAA batteries to coax a better signal from portable devices like iPods, it will also plug into a PC via a USB cable and perform all the digital-to-analog signal conversion onboard, for a cleaner signal than that cheapo line-out jack poking out the back of your motherboard.

And here’s where things get sweet. The audiophile Mecca has hooked us up with both a Total BitHead amp and a pair of Denon AH-D1001 full-size cans to mate it with. A match made in heaven? We think so. The whole shebang is worth about $310, but one lucky winner can pick it up for free, no strings attached, by entering below!

Prize Details

HeadRoom Total BitHead

Dramatically improve headphone listening on your laptop or home computer with this very cool USB headphone amp. Plug the BitHead into the USB port and digital audio is automatically routed out of the noisy environs of your computer to be converted by the superior digital to analog converter (DAC) of the BitHead. The BitHead can be USB powered or run on 4 AAA batteries; includes HeadRoom’s famous crossfeed for better headphone imaging; and has a gain switch to better match you headphone efficiency. The BitHead can also be used as a stand-alone headphone amp with your portable player or other audio source.

Product Features:

  • Significantly improves your listening experience with good headphones and your computer.
  • Delivers greatly improved bass control and impact, and more articulate high frequencies.
  • Improves headphone imaging with HeadRoom’s famous crossfeed circuit.
  • Gain switch optimizes amplifier gain for headphones of different efficiencies.
  • Runs 20 + hours on four AAA batteries.

What’s In The Box:

  • 12″ mini-mini cable (1/8″ connectors)
  • 12″ USB cable
  • Rubber feet for BitHead
  • Assorted Velcoins for BitHead
  • Owner’s manual

Denon AH-D1001: Advanced On-Ear Headphones

For music listening on-the-go as well as private listening at home, the AHD-1001 features Denon’s exclusive Microfiber diaphragm technology, with an ultra lightweight radiating surface that provides a frequency range that extends well above the range of human hearing for crystalline clarity. To eliminate the colorations caused by sealed-back enclosures, the AHD-1001 also features Denon’s Acoustic Optimizer design, for the most natural, uncolored sound quality. The adjustable headband features comfortable ear cushions with soft internal padding, while the over-the-ear design provides comfortable isolation from outside sounds, and the unit’s light weight (only 180 grams – 6.3 ounces) ensures fatigue-free listening. For on-the-go listening, the AHD-1001 comes with a 1.3 meters audiophile grade OFC oxygen-free copper cable featuring equal length L/R cable design, along with a convenient carrying pouch. For home listening, a 1.7 meters extension cable is also provided, extending the total cable length to a full 3 meters (9.8 feet).

Product Features

  • On-ear headphone design
  • Black metallic finished molded housing and light weight magnesium frame structure
  • Microfiber diaphragm with acoustic optimizer
  • High-quality oxygen-free copper cabling
  • Cloth mesh cable jacket and carry pouch with L-type connector included


  • 1.7m extension cable
  • 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter
  • Carrying pouch

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