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Best Beats headphone deals: Studio Pro, Studio Buds, Powerbeats

Since its arrival on the scene Beats has been turning out some of the best wireless headphones and some of the best wireless earbuds on the market. And despite its popularity, the Beats brand is always a good one to turn to if you’re looking for some headphone deals. You’ll find all kinds of Beats headphone deals scattered across retailers right now, so we’ve made things more convenient by getting them organized below. Read onward for all of the details on how to save big on some Beats headphones, and if you’d like to consider other headphone brands for some savings there are plenty of Bose headphone deals, Sony headphone deals, AirPods deals, AirPods Pro deals, and even AirPods Max deals out there as well.

Best Beats earbuds deals

A young woman listens to music on her Beats Studio Buds.

If you want to go for a pair of true wireless earbuds there are quite a few good options from Beats. There are some excellent deals on budget options, including some deals on refurbished Beats Studio Buds. One of the higher end options is the Beats Powerbeats Pro, which are seeing a great price drop right now.

  • Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds —
  • Beats Studio Buds (refurbished) —
  • Beats Studio Buds+ (refurbished) —
  • Beats Fit Pro (refurbished) —
  • Beats Powerbeats Pro —

Best Beats headphones deals

A girl wearing the white version of the Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones.
Beats / Beats

If over-the-ear headphones are your listening preference, there’s plenty of savings in store on a new set of Beats. The Beats Solo 3 headphones are pretty much a regular when it comes to Beats deals, and that’s the case right now as well. You’ll also find some pretty impressive price drops on the Beats Studio 3 and Beats Studio Pro headphones.

  • Beats Solo 3 —
  • Beats Studio 3 (renewed) —
  • Beats Solo 4 —
  • Beats Studio 3 —
  • Beats Studio Pro —

Should you buy Beats or AirPods?

What it all boils down to when picking either AirPods or Beats is what your budget is. In almost every straight comparison between an AirPods product or a Beats product, the AirPods will always win, like for example, when comparing the Studio Pro vs. Apple AirPods Max. That said, the AirPods Max is a couple of hundred dollars more expensive, and this will hold true of pretty much all AirPods to Beats comparisons. So, ultimately, if you can afford an AirPod, that’s generally the better audio quality, but if you feel that it’s out of your budget range, the Beats are cheaper and are essentially just as good.

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