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Discogs’ New York City vinyl fair is a must-visit for record collectors

If you’re a vinyl collector or music fan looking for something to do in New York City this Saturday, Discogs is hosting a neat little record fair that’s bound to take you back to the good old days. You don’t need a heap of cash to burn, either — the event itself is free, so there’s not reason not to head over to Times Square and take a look around.

Scheduled to run from 10 AM through 6 PM at the PlayStation Theater, Crate Diggers will be a melting pot of a curated selection of the finest vinyl ever to hit the market, which can be admired and purchased on the spot by old-schools listeners of all walks of life. With that in mind, we’d recommend taking a few bucks with you — you know, just in case.

If you can’t seem to contain your excitement while sifting through all of the best hip-hop tracks of the 90s, you may want to stick around for the after-party. Fueled by alcohol and live performances by DJ Red Alert, Method Man and Redman, and more, it’s destined to be the place to be this Saturday night — right through Sunday at 1 AM.

Be warned: While the main event, which is being hosted in association with Audio-Technica, is free, access to the after-party will set you back $70 on the door. We here at Digital Trends are firm believes in the mantra that it pays to be prepared, so we’ve teamed up with Discogs to offer our readers the chance to snag a ticket for just $25.

That’s right — reserve your spot right now, and you can head into the after-party for $25. That’s a staggering $45 savings on the usual $70. Better yet, reserve the ticket now then take the remaining $45 over to the event with you as purchase change, so you have something to spend should a nice lump of vinyl happen to catch your eye.

To take advantage of the offer, head over to Crate Diggers’ website and quote DISCOGS at checkout.

For those unfamiliar with Discogs, it’s a vinyl community, database, and marketplace, acting as a virtual stomping ground for music fanatics all around the world, who use the space to relive their youth by sharing their experiences, tracking down and offloading rare, vintage, and modern vinyl, and locating must-visit events.

So, to recap: Discogs is hosting an intimate record fair in New York this Saturday (July 27). It’s set to kick off at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square at 10 AM, with general administration drawing to a close at 6 PM. A killer 90s-hip-hop-themed after-party is then scheduled to commerce, with the lights shutting off at 1 AM on Sunday.

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