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Doppler Labs’ supersmart wireless earbuds will be available internationally

Doppler Labs’ Here One may look like a simple pair of earbuds, but the company thinks of its product very differently, calling it the first in-ear computer. The product is already available for pre-order in the U.S., but now a whole lot more people are going to have the chance to get their hands on it. Doppler Labs announced on Wednesday that the Here One is now available for pre-order internationally.

Doppler Labs says that since it first introduced the Here One, demand has surged throughout the world. With that in mind, it only makes sense that the company will soon be shipping the Here One to 33 countries. Pre-orders are currently available for those in the European Union, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland, with prices hovering around $300 U.S. or $300 euros, depending on where you’re located.

Unlike most in-ear headphones or earbuds, the Here One are designed to stay in your ear the entire time. The company’s first product, the Here Active Listening system, didn’t even support playing music — that was added in the Here One, which made for a much more engaging product. Much of the magic here lies in what the earphones are doing when you aren’t listening to music.

Like the Here Active Listening system, the Here One uses a combination of amplification, noise canceling, EQ, and what it calls “adaptive filtering” to create a listening experience that is grounded in reality, but enhanced. “You should be able to go to a museum and get information on Rembrandt and still talk to your friends, go to a movie and hear director’s commentary, or go to a ball park and hear stats, but still be able to hear the outside world,” Doppler Labs CEO and co-founder Noah Kraft said earlier this year.

If you’re looking forward to purchasing the Here One but don’t want to pre-order, retail units will be available when pre-orders start shipping in November. For more information on the Here One and Here Active Listening, see the Here website.

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