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The EcoBoulder speaker from Ecoxgear is a 100-watt party in a box

The last we saw of Grace Digital’s Ecoxgear brand of outdoor-focused audio gear was the Ecoxbt portable speaker. It was tough enough to stop a truck, but when it came to sound, we found it a little lacking.

It doesn’t seem that the company will run into that problem with its newest speaker, the EcoBoulder. Billed as a “modern boombox,” the EcoBoulder claims 100 watts of power and doubles as a PA system, all while keeping the same rugged build that comes part and parcel with all of the brand’s products.

“We engineered EcoBoulder to pump up any outdoor gathering in an easy and user-friendly fashion,” Ecoxgear CEO Greg Fadul said in a statement. “Our customers range from traditional outdoor enthusiasts such as campers to everyday consumers who tailgate. It even works perfectly as a job site speaker and radio. EcoBoulder caters to all of their needs and delivers powerful sound made for open-air entertaining.”

The EcoBoulder’s 100-watt amplifier powers an 8-inch full-range driver, 3-inch tweeter, and 8-inch passive woofer for powerful bass. The speaker is IPX7-certified dustproof and waterproof, and exceeds the 810G specifications. Despite the speaker’s size — roughly that of a cooler — it is fully submersible and can even float.

When it comes to battery life, most companies either don’t talk about volume, or provide numbers for playback at 50 percent volume, but that isn’t the case here. Ecoxgear says the EcoBoulder offers up to 10 hours of playback time at full volume and more than 100 hours of standby time. In an odd but absolutely useful touch, the EcoBoulder includes a built-in storage compartment for a mobile device and cables that allows a phone to be charged while keeping it safe from water.

Wireless connectivity comes via Bluetooth, with an option to stream to two EcoBoulder speakers at the same time for even more volume. In the off chance that everyone left their phones at home, the speaker also includes a built-in AM/FM radio.

The EcoBoulder is available now, and given the sheer size, it’s somewhat surprising that it retails for $250. For more information, see the Ecoxgear website.

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