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iTunes changes leave behind first-gen Apple TV, Windows XP, and Vista users


If you’re the type who isn’t fond of upgrading their hardware, Apple may be the cause of a few headaches for you. On February 26, the company announced in a support document that upcoming security changes will mean those with older Apple TV devices or running older operating systems will no longer be able to access the iTunes Store.

Specifically, if you’re running the now 11-year-old first-generation Apple TV, you’ll no longer be able to purchase or download previously purchased TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as Apple has considered the first generation of its streaming hardware obsolete for some time now. Even the second-generation Apple TV is considered obsolete.

It’s unlikely that huge numbers of people are using the older Apple TV, but another group that is likely much larger will also be affected by this change. Users of Windows XP and Windows Vista will also be unable to user the latest version of iTunes. This is another situation that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as those operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft. Windows 7 is now the oldest version of Windows that is officially supported by the company.

If for some reason you either can’t or don’t want to upgrade your version of Windows, you’re not entirely out of luck: You can still use older versions of iTunes, though they won’t be supported by Apple, and they won’t be able to make new iTunes purchases or redownload previously purchased content. Apple TV users will need to buy new hardware, whether its the current-gen Apple TV 4K or another option. If you really don’t want to stop using your old Apple TV and like to tinker, you could always consider jailbreaking it to make at least some use out of it.

Fortunately for the affected users, Apple did give some advanced warning, as the changes go into effect starting May 25. If you’re looking for a good option to replace your first-gen Apple TV, be sure to check our list of the best streaming devices you can buy.

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