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These liquid-metal headphones are molded to perfectly fit your ear canal

first liquid metal in ear monitors helloear pro
The world of custom in-ear monitors just got a bit shinier, as audio company HelloEar announced the first set fashioned from liquid metal.

Made of 92.5 percent pure silver alloy, the new range is custom made using the same laser-sintering technology that is used in high-end jewelry making, allowing the company to print a perfect replica of your ear.

To get the exact size and shape of any would-be buyer’s ear canal, the company employs a mix of 3D-scanning and model rebuilding technology.

Called the Wonderland collection, the new in-ears come with either a platinum or rose gold shell, both of which should draw eyes. Listeners can choose between either a six or 12 driver model, labeled the Monet and Gauguin lines, respectively.

It may seem like the liquid metal headphones would be extremely heavy, but the company claims they are are a comfortable 15 grams, with a tight seal that rewards listeners with 26 decibels of overall noise reduction.

“HelloEar has reinvented the audio industry with the world’s most accurate and stylish metal custom in-ear monitors, so that professional musicians can look great on stage while enjoying impeccable sound,” Yuepeng Li, HelloEar’s head of U.S. operations, said in a statement.

Whether or not the liquid metal will enhance the acoustic properties of the headphones over that of more traditional resin models remains to be seen, as we have yet to get our hands on either the plastic or metal models to find out for ourselves, but those with money to burn who are interested in delving into new advances in headphone tech may want to give them a shot.

Checking out a set of metal HelloEar in-ears will cost you a pretty penny. The six-driver Monet runs for $2,499 and the 12-driver Gauguin costs a princely $3,699. For more information check out the company’s website.

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