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How low can you go? Fluance brings the bass with its new DB10 subwoofer

Fluance is a maker of all kinds of audio gear, from Bluetooth speakers to turntables and while we’ve covered quite a few of the company’s releases this year, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new item in its home theater lineup. That’s no longer the case, as on Wednesday, the company unveiled its new DB10 subwoofer.

The company says the DB10 is the first entry in its new lineup of powered subwoofers, with another model — the DB12 — coming in spring 2017. Both subwoofers will be sold both individually and as part of surround sound packages. The DB10 will likely be the smaller of the two, aiming to provide powerful bass with a compact footprint, allowing for two speakers to be used more easily, making for a 5.2 or 7.2-channel setup.

Like most subwoofers, the DB10 resembles a black cube though in this case, it’s actually more of a rectangle, measuring 15.7 by 11.9 by 16 inches, and weighing in a 24.7 pounds. The cabinet is constructed from engineered medium-density fibreboard wood, which Fluance says both helps keep distortion to a minimum and impart a warm, pleasant quality to the sound. The cabinet is ported and precisely tuned, allowing it to faithfully reproduce low frequencies.

While many subwoofers feature downward-facing drivers, the DB10 uses a 10-inch front-firing driver that the company says can reach as low as 20 Hz without any unexpected roll-off. This driver is powered by a built-in amplifier that the company lists as having a peak power of 120 watts. The speaker produces frequencies as high as 180 Hz and the crossover is adjustable between 45 Hz and 180 Hz. Phase correction ensures that you won’t encounter any missing frequencies throughout the low end.

The DB10 sells for $200. For more information on the speaker and other Fluance home theater products, see the company’s website.

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