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Build your dream Dolby Atmos setup with Klipsch’s new R-26FA and R-14SA speakers

As the audio industry moves toward object-based 3D surround-sound formats like Dolby Atmos as the standard, people will want to outfit their existing home theaters accordingly. Klipsch recently added two new units to its premier Reference line of speakers, the Klipsch R-26FA and R-14SA, which have been specifically designed for Dolby Atmos, whether you’re retrofitting an existing setup, or building a shiny new one.

The bigger of the two, the R-26FA is a tower speaker. The speaker is equipped with an integrated height channel featuring a 1-inch tweeter and a 5.25 inch driver. Like other designs in the burgeoning space, the top-mounted speaker fires sound off the ceiling above it, creating Atmos’ over-head channels. In keeping with other members of the Reference Line, the R-26FA features a removable grille, so you can ogle the R-26FA’s attractive, front-firing 6.5-inch drivers and horn-loaded tweeter. The back of the speaker sports dual five-way binding posts for connection.

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While the R-26FA is an ideal choice for those looking to build a new Atmos speaker setup, Klipsch has also created the R-14SA for those who wish to outfit their existing setup with a height channel. The R-14SA is an elevation speaker that can rest on top of any standard bookshelf or tower speaker. In addition, the speaker can also be mounted to the ceiling for even more accurate overhead sound. The R-14SA includes a 0.75-inch tweeter and a four-inch spun-copper driver, and binding post terminals which Klipsch has designed to sit at an angle for easier access when mounted on a ceiling.

We’ve covered Klipsch’s Reference line in the past, and have been consistently impressed with the sound and power the speakers can reproduce. We’re eager to hear how well these two new speakers can deliver Dolby Atmos sound. If you’re curious about just how Dolby Atmos works and why everyone seems so excited about it, be sure to check out our guide on the various surround-sound formats.

The R-26FA and R-14SA are available now for $600 and $400, respectively. Both speakers can be purchased at select retailers, or directly from Klipsch’s online store. You can also check out more information covering the entire Reference line on Klipsch’s web page.

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