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Klipsch makes Atmos easy with three new Reference Premiere speakers

Dolby Atmos (along with its counterpart DTS:X) has begun invading AV receivers across the industry, helping to usher in a whole new era of home theater immersion. However, the most important part of Atmos in the home — the overhead channels designed to shower you with sound from above — have thus far been somewhat hindered by a lack of options for those who can’t install in-ceiling speakers above them. Klipsch aims to change that with its latest Reference Premeire speaker line, armed and ready to bring Atmos to life in your home.

RP-280FA floorstanding ($2,400/pair)

The flagship of Klipsch’s new setup, the RP-280FA towers provide a full sound solution, including drivers built into the topside designed to bounce directional sound off your ceiling, and back down into the sweet spot for a spherical, engulfing sound solution. To aid in directionality, the speakers employ Klipsch’s proprietary Hybrid Tractrix Horn technology, along with the company’s LTS titanium tweeters for tight sound waves with minimal distortion.

In addition, the speakers offer the same copper-colored Cerametallic Woofers you’ll see across Klipsch’s Reference Premiere lineup, with employ ceramic motor structures designed to offer extreme efficiency, and deliver that bright and clean Klipsch sound signature. You can see those copper woofers and Tractrix Horns in action in our recent surround sound blast-off, in which we piled 480 pounds of Klipsch speakers into a single room.

RP-140SA surround/elevation channel toppers ($500/pair)

For those looking for a more modest solution, Klipsch’s 140SA offer the “Dolby Atmos elevation effect” to virtually any speaker in your arsenal, sitting on top of your existing cabinets to bounce sound off the ceiling, and complete the Atmos hemispheric effect. Employing the same Tractrix Horns and LTS tweeters as the rest of the line, the 140SA can also moonlight as traditional surround sound speakers if that’s your bag, available for mounting on the wall instead of on top of your existing setup.

RP-450CA center channel ($850)

Finally, Klipsch has thrown in a new center channel for its Reference Premiere lineup, designed to build an entire surround sound setup around the new models for a tight match. The two-way speaker offers Tractrix Horns and LTS tweeters like the rest of the package for clean and present sound.

The RP-450CA and RP-280FA speakers are both available in walnut or black ash veneer finishes, while the RP-140SA comes in brushed black polymer finish. All of the speakers also sport magnetic cloth grills, like the rest of the Reference Premiere lineup.

Klipsch’s latest creations offer users a fully-operational Dolby Atmos setup, without the need for a ceiling remodel, allowing any user with an Atmos-enabled receiver to dig into the new era of surround sound technology. All of Klipsch’s new Reference Premiere speakers are available now at the company’s website, and from select dealers.

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