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LG slashes the price of its Xboom speakers for Black Friday

LG XBoom Black Friday
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Black Friday might still be a few days away, but that isn’t stopping LG from starting the savings right away. The company dropped the prices on its lineup of Xboom speakers, and the savings are significant: In some cases as much as 50 percent off the regular price. You can choose from the small but mighty Xboom Go PK3 (now just $50), or take your pick from the Go PK5 ($80), Go PK7 ($130), or the stay-at-home Google Assistant-powered WK7 ($130). We thought the WK7 was a good buy, even at $180, so $130 is a great deal. LG also dropped the price on its Xboom WK9 Smart Display by $100, which is now $200.

The Xboom line of speakers are all solid performers, but the portable Go series stand out thanks to some impressive features. Battery life is excellent for all three of these Bluetooth units, but the PK7 packs a whopping 22 hours of life — all the more amazing given that it’s the most powerful of the group. You will find IPX5 immersion resistance for water on the PK5 and PK7, while the PK3 proves it’s capable of even rougher use, at IPX7.

The larger PK5 and PK7 have integrated grab handles, making them much easier to tote around, while the smaller PK3 is svelte enough that you can grab the device comfortably without a handle.

Given that this category of speaker tends to be known as “party speakers,” it’s highly appropriate that both the PK5 and PK7 are capable of lighting up your get-together, with built-in LEDs that create custom light patterns in sync with your music. Each of the speakers is aptX HD compatible with the highest wireless sound quality, assuming your phone or tablet supports this standard.

Speaking of sound quality, there is one more thing you should know about LG’s Xboom products: They have been co-designed with Meridian Audio, the legendary English audio company, known for its class-leading speaker products. You will have to decide if this matters to you, but you will be hard-pressed to find another Bluetooth speaker with a similarly elite level of audio DNA.

Want these great prices? You will have to act quickly. You will be able to score these discounts on Amazon, Best Buy, and many other retailers, but only until December 1.

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