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Master & Dynamic’s next luxury headphones can tell you when your brain need a break

The Master & Dynamic MW75-Neuro.
Neurable/Master & Dynamic

Neurable, a brain-computer interface (BCI) company, has for years been touting its ability to let people control any number of things, from video games to robots, with just their minds. In the past, the company has shown wild images of its prototypes — they look like VR goggles crossed with Matrix-like implants.

Today, however, it’s taking a decidedly toned-down approach with the announcement of a new partnership with luxury headphone maker Master & Dynamic (M&D) that will finally bring its technology to market, albeit with a few limitations.

Starting in the first quarter of 2024, M&D will sell a new version of its MW75 wireless headphones known as the MW75 Neuro. They will cost $649 (a $50 premium over the regular MW75) and be available in four colors: onyx, argent, olive, and navy.

An early prototype of the Neurable headphones.
An early prototype of the Neurable headphones. Neurable

Neurable says that the MW75 Neuro will have seamlessly integrated neural sensors that measure brain waves and can help you identify focus periods, recognize subtle signs of stress, and discover optimal mental well-being conditions. That’s a far cry from being able to control real and virtual objects with your mind, but Neurable promises that “these novel capabilities are just the beginning, with several intriguing features already in the works for future products.”

Neurable app for iOS.

You’ll need to use two different apps for the MW75 Neuro. The Master & Dynamic app will control all of the headphone’s basic features (like EQ and ANC), while the Neurable app will manage the brain-sensing functions.

Curiously, Neurable has been promoting its own line of brain-sensing headphones via a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo and its own website. The pitch for the Neurable Enten makes them seem very similar to the MW75 Neuro: “See when and where you focus best so you can optimize your day, and help avoid burnout.” It’s also curious that the most recent photo posted by the project creators on November 30, labeled “the first prototype from the Design Validation Build,” is clearly a M&D MW75.

Digital Trends reached out to Neurable for clarification on the differences between the two products and we were told that the MW75 Neuro effectively replaces the Enten.

Backers of that project, who have been waiting since June 2021, will receive MW75 Neuro headphones, not the Enten. Given that backers only spent $199 for a single Enten, or $367 for two, they’ll be getting an excellent return on their investment, but they may not be entirely thrilled with the change in design.

The Enten were touted as being a relatively light 9.6 ounces, but M&D’s MW75 are hefty — 11.9 ounces — and you may not want to wear them for several consecutive hours. This could defeat some of the planned benefits of the Neurable technology.

The project timeline suggests that it won’t begin shipping finished products until March 2024.

In a note to backers, Neurable says there will be an opportunity to demo its tech at CES 2024 in January, ahead of the planned shipments to backers.

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