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Netflix and Dreamworks to collaborate on a kid-centric animated series based on the upcoming movie, ‘Turbo’


Late in 2011, Netflix created a buzz by swooping in and stealing a Dreamworks content deal that was supposed to go to HBO. That was back when Netflix seemed more concerned with purchasing pre-existing content than creating its own. Today, the company is making headlines once again for its dealings with the animation studio, but they’re doing their business in a much different way.

According to USA Today, Netflix and Dreamworks have announced a partnership that will produce a show based around the upcoming animated film Turbo. The film stars voice talent from Ryan Reynolds and Paul Giamatti, and centers around a super-powered snail capable of traveling at a decidedly faster pace than the rest of his species.

The show is driven by the same story, but will be getting a bit of a titular addendum, favoring Turbo: F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team) over the one-word original.

Netflix has repeatedly stated that it wants its content to rival that of established TV networks, and kid-specific programming could help it distinguish itself. Networks like HBO – who Netflix’s crosshairs seem focused on at the moment – are known for gritty dramas with sophisticated themes. Not exactly the kind of content conducive to corralling children in front of the TV.

No word yet on release date but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.

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