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Onkyo’s A-9110 is a no-nonsense follow-up to an acclaimed integrated amplifier

If you’re looking for total control over your stereo listening experience, an integrated amplifier might be a better way to go than a standard A/V receiver, as it lets you pick and choose your components. While you can easily spend thousands of dollars on an amplifier like the Nain Uniti Atom, you don’t need to spend nearly that much for great results, as Onkyo is looking to show with its A-9110 integrated amplifier.

The two-channel A-9110 delivers 50 watts of power per channel at four ohms, and is the follow-up to Onkyo’s acclaimed A-9010, adding features while keeping the same impeccable build quality that made the original so popular. This model retails for $350, and Onkyo calls it a “perfect entry point for high-quality stereo sound.” If you’re just getting into collecting vinyl and you’re looking to put together a vinyl listening setup, this could be a key component.

On the front panel, you’ll find a simple layout with a volume knob, bass and treble controls, and a button to enable the A-9110’s Phase Matching Bass Boost, which aligns bass and lower midrange frequencies above 300 Hz for tighter bass. If you’re running your own preamp or EQ and don’t want these in your signal chain, another button enables Direct Mode, where the tone controls and Phase Matching Bass Boost circuits are bypassed.

On the rear panel you’ll find output jacks for stereo speakers, as well as a pre-out for an optional subwoofer. When it comes to inputs, you’ll find four line inputs as well as a dedicated phono input for connecting your turntable, complete with a ground connection. A Remote Interactive jack on the back helps unify your controls with compatible Onkyo CD players, digital tuners, and network streamers.

The A-9110 features Onkyo’s Wide Range Amplification Technology (WRAT) which, aside from being a fun acronym, is key the the dynamics found in the amplifier. The amplifier uses a high-output transformer, discrete transistors, and audio-grade capacitors to keep your signal as clean as possible. This attention to detail extends to the chassis as well, with a thicker, more rigid frame that better dampens vibrations than its predecessor.

“The introduction of the A-9110 continues Onkyo’s impressive legacy of innovation and function with its 2-channel product offerings,” Onkyo USA Director of Marketing & Product Localization Don Milks said in a statement. “With vinyl and other stereo components enjoying a renaissance, we are pleased to offer such a high-quality, performance-driven amp like the A-9110.”

For more information on the A-9110 integrated amplifier, see the Onkyo website. If you’re looking to put together a great-sounding vinyl setup for under $1,000, take a look at our list of the best turntables under $500 for a great idea of where to get started.

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