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Plantronics rolls out new wireless headphone models ready for any workout

Having a pair of excellent workout headphones is a must for anyone who takes both their fitness and their tunes seriously. However, not all sport headphones are the same, and what you’re looking for will differ based on how you work out and where. Plantronics has announced a slew of new wireless sport headphone options to bolster its BackBeat FIT lineup and help fitness enthusiasts find the best fit for them and their workout.

The new cans, include the BackBeat FIT 500, BackBeat FIT 300, the BackBeat FIT Training and BackBeat FIT Boost. All of the new options sport waterproofing and wireless designs, but they differ in important ways, making some better for the gym and others better for the outdoors.

BackBeat FIT 500 ($100)

The BackBeat FIT 500 are on-ear wireless headphones with a P2i military-grade nano-coating to protect the headphones against sweat and moisture. They feature memory foam earcups for blocking out the ambient sounds in your gym or other surroundings so you can focus on your form and rep count, and Plantronics claims they boast an impressive 18 hours of playback.

That number is all the more impressive given the price; you’ll be able to pick up a pair of the BackBeat FIT 500 for $100 in early October through the Plantronics online store or Amazon. They come in teal or black

BackBeat FIT 300 ($80)

Plantronics claims that the BackBeat FIT 300 are among the lightest Bluetooth headphones ever designed. While not totally wireless like Apple’s Airpods and competing true wireless buds, the small lead running between both earbuds includes a clip that can be fastened to your shirt.

The earbuds also feature “secure-fit” eartips to help them stay in your ears and block out noise while you jog or crank out that last set of burpees for your WOD (that’s Workout of the Day, for the non-Crossfit crowd). Plantronics claims they provide six hours of playback per charge.

The BackBeat FIT 300 are available now for $80 from Amazon, Best Buy, and Plantronics, and comes in four color schemes: black/gray, dark blue/blue, gray/coral, and gray/lime green.

BackBeat FIT Training and BackBeat FIT Boost


Next up are the BackBeat FIT Training and BackBeat FIT Boost editions. The two versions are the same headphones, but both are offered with different bundling options. While they share the same wireless, waterproof design of the other models in the BackBeat FIT lineup, the headphones feature an open-backed design so you can stay aware of your surroundings, which is especially important for those who run or bike near busy streets or parks. They offer a claimed 8 hours of battery playback per charge.

The only difference between the two comes in how they’re bundled. The Training edition includes unlimited access to 12 handpicked workouts from the PEAR Personal Coach app, and six month access to Pear+ membership. The Boost model comes with all of that, but also bundles in a quick-drying mesh charging pouch, which can add up to a claimed 10 more hours of battery life, for just $30 more. The pouch also features a touch-sensitive battery meter so you can keep track of the charge remaining in both the Boost headphones and the pouch itself.

The BackBeat FIT Training will be available for purchase from Plantronics’ online store in October in blue, gray, black, fuchsia, or green. They will retail for $130. The BackBeat FIT Boost are available now for $160 in gray, black, or blue from Amazon or Plantronics online.

Update: This article originally stated the BackBeat FIT 500 were waterproof however they instead have military-grade P2i moisture protection. The Article has been updated to reflect this.

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