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Polk Audio’s new MagniFi 2 soundbar features immersive sound tech

Polk Audio’s latest soundbar is on its way, and it’s packed with some intriguing technology.

The audio company has announced the $499 MagniFi 2 soundbar which is set to launch in August. The soundbar features a six-driver array, includes an 8-inch wireless subwoofer, and will be outfitted with Polk Audio’s patented Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) technology. This technology, according to Polk, is meant to deliver a larger soundstage for the soundbar. It will be paired with several other tech features, including a 3D Audio mode and a DSP setting that’s designed to enhance the front, surround, and low frequencies in 5.1 audio tracks. Polk says these technologies will give the MagniFi 2 a wider soundstage and more impactful low end than listeners might expect.

Polk Audio

“Polk Audio went back to the drawing board with the MagniFi 2 and took a fresh look at how convincing surround sound could be achieved with a soundbar format,” said Michael McCole, a senior product marketing manager for soundbars at Polk Audio. “This resulted in a completely new 3D DSP mode engineered to enhance Polk Audio’s existing SDA technology, which already dramatically improves the sound stage.”

Polk claims the MagniFi 2 will be easy to set up and can also serve as a hub for your entertainment thanks to three HDMI 2.0 inputs to support 4K HDR content and an additional HDMI ARC port. Polk is also including both HDMI and optical cables with the bar to streamline setup further. The soundbar is also supposed to automatically work with Samsung, LG, Vizio, TCL, and Sony TV remotes.

Google Assistant fans will be happy as the MagniFi 2 is Chromecast audio-enabled, meaning listeners can stream content from several streaming services just by asking any Google Assistant-enabled device. The soundbar also supports Bluetooth pairing as another connectivity option.

The MagniFi 2 will enter a competitive field of soundbars in this price range, with its possibly most comparable contender being the Sony HT-G700. The new bar from Sony also implements various technologies to improve the home theater experience and retails for a near-identical $500.

It’s too early to tell which soundbar could be the better buy since we only have on-paper specs to make assumptions regarding the MagniFi 2. Still, with both brands holding solid reputations in the audio world, we can’t wait to see how Polk’s newest offering matches up against the high-tech Sony bar.

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