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Pyle’s new Bluetooth Vertical Turntable can play digital music, as well as vinyl

When you think of a turntable, the “table” part of the name likely informs a lot of what you’re imagining, namely a record sitting on a spinning horizontal platter. That isn’t the only way turntables can work, however, as Pyle USA’s new Bluetooth Vertical Turntable demonstrates.

The vertical nature of the turntable might be what initially catches your eye, but its not all that the brainy new record player offers in terms of looks. The turntable sits on top of a handmade wooden stand, adding a touch of retro style that belies the modern technology housed inside.

In addition to playing records, Bluetooth connectivity allows it to play any music you wish from your mobile device. That’s not the only modern connectivity here, as a USB port enables the turntable to be connected to a PC so you can rip your favorite songs or even entire albums to your computer to create a digital archive of your collection.

Even the turntable itself is relatively feature-packed. While most turntables only support operating at 33 or 45 RPM speeds, the Bluetooth Vertical Turntable also allows for playback of 78 RPM albums if you have older albums you want to play or back up to your PC. Instead of only 12-inch and 7-inch records, 10-inch albums are supported as well.

While most vinyl enthusiasts will want to use the RCA line-out in order to connect the Bluetooth Vertical Turntable to a home stereo system, it isn’t the only option. Stereo speakers are built into the base, allowing you to play albums or music from your phone or tablet without the need for an external amp and speakers.

The Pyle Bluetooth Vertical Turntable (model number PLTT21BT) is available now and sells for $120. For more information on the product or where to buy it, see the company’s website.

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