Runco Projects Energy-Efficient Equipment at CEDIA

largeRuncoRunco arrived at CEDIA this weekend to show off their new projectors and LCDs to the masses of home theater aficionados gathered in crowded conference rooms. The company’s big unveiling was for their new Quantum Color Projectors: the Q-750i and the Q-750d. Runco’s featured technology for the projectors is the lampless flat-light LED illumination called InfiniLight—an energy-efficient system that provides an infinite light source with a wide color gamut.

LED-based projection is incredibly complex and Runco has significantly invested to lead in this category,” stated Runco CEO Gerry Perkel in a release.“QuantumColor is a revolutionary solution that maximizes LED performance and offers a never-before-seen color gamut. But, having these features is only part of the magic. To make this a revolutionary new platform, Runco created proprietary technologies that harness the impressive color gamut to create images that are nothing short of stunning.”

The company said they worked closely with Texas Instrument to produce their vast color scale and their “Personal Color Equalizer,” a color adjustment system that works like an audio equalizer—individual colors can be dialed up and down for every video source and for the user’s personal preference. Runco warned that if the color equalizer is not coded properly then some image distortion will occur.

The Q-750d and the Q-750i are similar in their function and equipment—both play 700 ANSI lumens, a 10000:1 contrast ratio, and full HD resolution—with the major difference being the Q-750d has an external video controller that houses all the projector’s connections. Both projectors are now available through Runco’s website; the Q-750i starting at $14995 and the Q-750d at $17995.