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Sceptre’s Easter egg-colored 32-inch TVs now sport an on board DVD player

sceptre adds dvd to 32 inch hdtvs 32inch
It’s not quite “revolutionary” in our book, but Sceptre’s addition of DVD functionality to its Color Series line of 32-inch HDTVs may be welcome news to parents of small children and anyone else that can find a use for a brightly colored TV. The E325PD-HDR (“P” stands for “pink” in this case) has a regular price-point of $400 but is currently shipping for a sale price of $270, making it an enticing addition to the budget flat screen landscape – especially if you like a bit of color in your life.

The California-based electronics producer operates as a sort of bargain brand of TVs, monitors, sound bars, and accessories, but we were a little bit dumbfounded with the Color Series X322XV-HDR LED 32-incher that we caught wind of back in April. At the time, Sceptre was asking a pricey $600 for the TV. Now the display doesn’t appear to be available via Sceptre or Amazon, so we can’t say whether that price has dropped at all. Either way, it seems the primary feature that made Sceptre’s X322XV pricier than your average LED was its vibrant exterior. Perhaps the company has learned the error of its ways with its current lineup.

As far as features and hardware, the E325PV tops out at 720p resolution, lower than the now-standard 1080p format. Still, at this size, 720p will often suffice, especially with DVD content. The TV’s three HDMI inputs are handy, and comparable models – such as Samsung’s 32-inch UN32EH4003 LED – often have just two. Aside from that, the TV features a variety of connections, including standard Component and Composite inputs, a cable/antenna input, aging VGA video and audio inputs, and a USB 2.0 slot. Audio outputs include Optical digital, and analog RCA, as well as a 3.5mm port for headphones.

The device weighs just over 13 pounds with stand attached, and ships with a one-year limited warranty. If you’re looking for a budget TV that will spice up your spare room, you can head over to Sceptre’s online store to order one yourself, with a choice between white, pink, purple, and blue. Plus, buy now and your model will ship with a free pair of earphones.

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