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Sonos CEO says new product still on track for release by end of June

Sonos Era 100, close up on logo.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence today said that his company is still on track to unveil a new product in a new category sometime between April and the end of June. He made the announcement at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference.

“What we said at our last earnings call in February is that it will be in our fiscal [third quarter],” Spence said. “And we have no update on that. It continues to be fiscal Q3 from where we are.”

Indeed, that assurance lines up with what Spence said during Sonos’ first-quarter 2024 earnings call on February 6, 2024. And it doesn’t necessarily conflict with a recent report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, assuming that everyone is actually talking about the same product, widely believed to be headphones. While Sonos has said new products in new categories are coming this year — and headphones have long been understood to have been in the pipeline — it hasn’t been anymore specific than that, except to say that it expects this third-quarter product launch to be part of a $100 million revenue segment.

Gurman’s report stated that the headphones were pushed back to a June launch, which would be the third month of the three-month fiscal third-quarter window. So while they might be “delayed” from when Sonos originally intended, it wouldn’t necessarily be by much, and that delay would really just be internal in any event.

The headphones, rumored to be developed under the code name “Duke,” are rumored to cost about $449. They’d be just one of two new product segments Sonos is said to be entering this year. The other, somewhat more dubious rumor is some sort of connected peripheral that would be in the same vein as a Roku or Amazon Fire TV device. But any credible details on that have been even more scarce.

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