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New Sonos Roam colors emerge in leaked images

Sonos has a lot on its plate, it seems. There’s a new soundbar on the way — the as-yet-announced Sonos Ray — and seemingly its own voice control platform coming down the pike. And according to a promo email that went out today, Sonos Roam is about to get some new colors.

“Something colorful is coming,” the subject line reads. The email body points to “early access to brand new exclusives beginning Wednesday.” While there’s nothing explicit about Sonos Roam in the email, the included image is named Roam_Colors_Launch.png. So there’s that.

Later in the day, after we initially published this post, a Spanish-language marketing image appeared on Reddit from /u/All-Your-Base. Based on that, the new colors appear to be “Sunset,” “Wave,” and “Olive.”

Roam, of course, is the $180 portable speaker that is positioned for use inside or outside — wherever you may roam, if you will. It’s currently only available in Shadow Black or Lunar White. So additional colors make sense, especially if it’s sort of a bonus release alongside new products like the Sonos Ray and the new voice assistant, which has been rumored since late 2021.

Look slike Sonos is teasing new colors. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

— Phil (@philnickinson) May 9, 2022

What we don’t know is exactly what the new Sonos Roam colors will be, or if they’ll cost extra above the black or white models.

Sonos Ray, meanwhile, is expected to be a $250 soundbar, and that price would position it well beneath the $450 Sonos Beam, which itself sits beneath the $900 Sonos Arc. Just how much quality gets trimmed out along with several hundred dollars in price remains to be seen. Though given what Sonos is able to do with its bookshelf speakers like the $220 Sonos One, there’s not necessarily a reason to worry that you’re getting below-average quality. It’s just that Sonos has set the bar so high for itself over the years.

Regardless, it looks like we’ll probably get a look at all this new kit later this week. So stay tuned.

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