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Zoom calls are coming to Sony TVs

A Sony Bravia Cam being installed on the Sony A95K
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Sony and Zoom Video Communications — the company behind the popular video calling platform — have announced a partnership that will bring the Google TV version of the Zoom app to select Sony Bravia TVs. Owners of these TVs will also need Sony’s Bravia Cam accessory to take advantage of the feature.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve been able to do Zoom calls from a TV. In 2021, Amazon was the first company to provide a way to Zoom on the big screen, using its Fire TV Cube and a compatible Logitech webcam. Later that same year, Amazon added the feature to its newly-released Omni TVs.

However, Sony says the collaboration makes Sony’s Bravia the first TV brand to support the Zoom for TV app from the Google Play Store — effectively making this the first Zoom instance on a Google TV.

Zoom on Bravia TVs includes video communication, screen sharing, and collaboration tools. To get going, you’ll need a $198 and a compatible Sony Bravia TV. These include the following 2023 models:

  • X95L
  • X93L
  • A80L
  • X90L
  • X85L
  • X80L
  • X75L

And these 2022 models:

  • Z9K
  • A95K
  • X95K
  • A90K
  • A80K
  • A75K
  • X90K
  • X90S
  • X85K
  • X80K

Some of these models, like QD-OLED A95K, come with a Bravia Cam from the factory. Once the cam is connected to your TV, you’ll be able to download and install the Zoom app from the Google Play store with your remote. However, you’ll need to wait — Sony says the app will be available “by early summer,” but it did not say exactly when that will be.

If you don’t already own a Bravia Cam, it’s a pricey upgrade compared to many webcams on the market, but Sony promises you’ll be able to do more than just Zoom calls once it’s installed.

Features like Ambient Optimization Pro can recognize where you are in the room and how far you are from the TV and adjust sound and picture settings accordingly. Gesture Control lets you perform certain functions without the remote just by using your arms. Proximity Alert detects when kids sit too close, and Auto Power Saving Mode dims the screen when nobody is watching.

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