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LG’s $100 webcam lets its newest TVs do video calls and more

Woman working out at home using LG's Smart Cam.

LG has debuted its first add-on webcam for new webOS TVs — the $100 VC23GA Smart Cam. The Smart Cam connects via USB to any 2022 or newer LG TV running either webOS 22 or 23. LG says that the camera can be used for a variety of activities including video chats, fitness instruction, interactive games, and even telehealth. You can buy the VC23GA Smart Cam from and various online retailers.

LG VC23GA Smart Cam (angled view).

LG’s announcement comes just days after Sony said that its Bravia Cam-equipped TVs are now able to support Zoom video calls. Sony’s Bravia Cam sells for $200. LG’s Smart Cam is a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution device with two built-in microphones, a slidable privacy cover, and a series of magnets that let the camera mount securely to LG’s TVs.

In its press release, LG says that the webcam will work with a variety of webOS-based apps such as RemoteMeeting video call software, and two kinds of fitness apps: Exercite, which uses AI motion and exercise-recognition algorithms to track your body throughout each movement while providing real-time feedback on exercise technique; and FlexIt, camera-assisted live one-on-one sessions with fitness and wellness professionals and tailored programs and motivational tips and tricks.

Woman in living room using LG's Smart Cam for a video call.

No mention was made of Zoom, Skype, or other well-known video calling services, however, responses from an LG representative on the Smart Cam’s product page seem to indicate that if you install the Zoom app for webOS, it will work with the camera.

The product page also highlights a service called Independa Health Hub, which will offer telehealth and tele-wellness sessions, in addition to health and exercise videos, tech support videos, faith-based videos, and in-home lab tests.

On the entertainment side, there’s a selfie app with filters, photo effects, and editing options called Fun Mirror and a dance tutorial app from 1M called HomeDance. 1M Dance Studio, one of K-Pop’s most popular choreography teams, provides a variety of tutorials and dance clips to help users hone their dancing skills. You can perform alongside your instructor in Camera Mode to learn the choreography of their favorite routines more efficiently.

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