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LG is bringing Baby Shark and high-end art to its smart TVs with a range of new apps

Anipang Match app being shown on an LG smart TV.

South Korean electronics giant LG has announced a handful of new educational, personal growth, and lifestyle apps and content that will run on its webOS-based smart TVs.

In the lead-up to CES 2024, where the world’s biggest consumer electronics brands unveil their latest wares for the year, LG shared a list of new apps, platforms, and features that it’s hoping will “meet users’ individual preferences and interests” through its TVs, while “enhancing various lifestyles with fun and enjoyment,” a press release said.

For the grown-ups, LG is bringing the popular online learning platform Udemy to webOS, with access to its roster of more than 200,000 courses across 3,000 subjects and in more than 75 languages. Apple and Android users have long been able to get in on Udemy’s wide range of instructor-led courses from around the world through its apps for some time, and now LG smart TV owners can, too. Courses run the gamut of topics, including business and professional development, entrepreneurship, programming health and fitness, language, music, data science, and loads more. It’s not free, though; each course is individually priced, with the webOS app acting as an access point.

For the kiddies, LG is adding the ABCmouse platform to the list of options for parents to plop their kids down in front of for some research-validated digital learning. Targeted toward kids between the ages of two and eight, ABCmouse covers all the essentials like reading and language, math, science, health, social studies, art, and music, all through its fun and colorful animated exercises and video content.

The Udemy app running on an LG smart TV.

LG has also seen fit to bring in the big boys by adding content from the Pinkfong Company — yes, that means Baby Shark, folks. And while the press release is unclear on exactly when or how this earworm celebrity shark will make its way to webOS, it does point out that the Baby Shark World for Kids app — which will feature “English learning, cultivating healthy habits, singing and dancing to the rhythm, and enjoying cinema versions of movies” — is “upcoming.”

If you’re into playing games on your TV, the inclusion of the Volley app brings AI voice games such as Jeopardy, Song Match, and The Price is Right to webOS, while Anipang Match is another play-to-learn game kids will get into, too, with its cute animated characters. LG has also seen fit to integrate the use of its Magic Remote into gameplay.

Many people already use their TVs to help them work out, whether it’s using the Peloton app on Apple TV or watching the millions of Yoga YouTube videos out there. LG is trying to do its users one better by adding the well-known yoga and wellness platform Alo Moves to webOS. Yoga enthusiasts can enjoy expert-led, personalized yoga, fitness, mindfulness, self-care, and nutrition programs through the app.

Lastly, owners of LG smart TVs who want to turn their living rooms into art galleries will like the addition of the Saatchi Art and Daily Art Story apps/services that bring professionally curated art and collections to the screen in high resolution. Again, there may be fees associated with these services, so keep that in mind.

The press release doesn’t specify any TV model range or webOS version required to access or use the new apps, nor does it say when the apps will be available, but we will update this story with more details if and when they come.

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