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LG brings Apple TV, Apple Music, and AirPlay to webOS Hub-based TVs

In October 2022, LG debuted webOS Hub, an enhanced version of the smart TV software it uses for its own TVs that can be licensed by other manufacturers. At the time, webOS Hub was not a full replica of the webOS that runs on LG TVs, given that it was missing some features like Apple’s AirPlay and HomeKit support.

Apple TV app for webOS Hub.

Today, LG says that webOS Hub is now compatible with all of those missing Apple ingredients. Apple TV app, Apple Music, AirPlay, and HomeKit are available to compatible webOS Hub TVs in more than 100 countries and regions.

LG says it’s now working with 200 partners in total including Seiki, Eko, Stream System, Konka, Aiwa, and Hyundai on webOS Hub-equipped TVs.

The Apple TV app is home to Apple’s similarly-named Apple TV+ streaming video subscription service, making it available to many more people around the world who may rely on their TV’s built-in apps for all of their streaming choices instead of using third-party streaming devices like an Apple TV 4K. AirPlay lets anyone with an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, or Mac stream music and video directly to their TVs, as well as allowing screen sharing from those same devices.

Apple AirPlay for webOS Hub.

With Apple HomeKit support, webOS Hub TVs can join Apple’s smart home platform, allowing the TV to be recognized as a part of the Apple ecosystem as well as giving it the ability to display video feeds from security cameras and other smart home devices.

WebOS received its last major update with webOS 6.0 in January 2021 with a card-based home screen that makes content and app easier to use and discover. That same year, LG created web OS Open Source Edition, letting anyone use the core webOS code on a wide variety of smart devices.

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