Sony’s New DVD Dream Systems

Sony today announced a new 2.1 channel surround sound DAV-X1 Platinum DVD Dream® System. The DAV-X1 delivers surround sound with the use of only two front speakers and a powered subwoofer, not the traditional 5.1 channel configuration.

The company also announced two new wireless DVD Dream Systems®, the DAV-LF10 and DAV-FX100W, which employ Sony’s award-winning Digital Infrared Audio Transmission (DIAT) technology.

Sony’s DAV-X1 delivers technically advanced front surround sound with the company’s proprietary S-FORCE Front Surround technology. The S-FORCE technology utilizes an all-digital process with no analog conversion creating distinct separation of signals between front, center and rear channels. The system’s speakers are specially designed with two unique drivers in each. The drivers are fed by multiple discrete channels creating an “out of box” surround sound experience.

Combined with the Sony’s Digital Direct Twin Drive sub woofer, the DAV-X1 is ideal for multi-channel material such as Super-Audio CD and DVD delivering crisp, well defined surround sound that engrosses the listener.

The single-disc DVD/ SA-CD system also features advanced 720p/1080i video upscaling and a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). HDMI is a single-cable, all-digital high resolution video and multi-channel audio interface for linking digital devices together.

Building on Sony’s first wireless DVD Dream Systems with DIAT technology, the new DAV-LF10, delivers high quality multi-channel surround sound in a stunning and functional industrial design. The floating glass main unit houses the system’s single-disc DVD/SA-CD/CD player and is styled after Sony’s floating glass plasma and LCD television design. The system’s thin, brushed-aluminum front speakers are height adjustable and wall-mountable for flexible installation.

The DAV-LF10 Platinum DVD Dream System will be available this spring for about $1,500.

Also new to Sony’s Wireless DVD Dream line is the 1,000 watt DAV-FX100W five-disc slot loading DVD/SA-CD home theater system. Featuring DIAT wireless technology for the rear floor-standing speakers and HDMI with 720p/1080i up scaling, the system is another high quality solution for a stylish home theater installation. With a total system power of 1,000 watts, the DAV-FX100W features Sony’s Precision Cinema Progressive technology to deliver high quality video and the S-Master digital amplifier and Digital Direct Twin Drive sub woofer for outstanding sound reproduction.

The DAV-FX100W DVD Dream System will be available this summer for about $900.

Sony DAV-X1

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