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Sound Huggle headphones keep your ears warm during a winter commute

sound huggle earmuffs headphones
Have you ever had to make the difficult choice between headphones and earmuffs? Those who live in colder climes know the struggle all too well — walking to work (or school, or the bus, or the train) is much more enjoyable when you can bump your favorite tunes along the way.

Enter Portland, Oregon-based startup Sound Huggle, which aims to combine headphones and earmuffs in one stylish, affordable package. Founders Samantha Tran and Jason Yeh, who moved to Portland from the chilly streets of New York and Chicago, were inspired by the frustration and discomfort that ensues when trying to stay warm with headphones (or earbuds) equipped. Today, we’ve invited Sam and Jason into the DT offices for a quick chat to learn more about Sound Huggle. Here, you can watch our Facebook Live stream! Check us out :)

The headphones (headmuffs?), soon to launch on Indiegogo, feature Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free listening, along with basic controls so you never have to take off your gloves. With more than 30 feet of Bluetooth range, you can even drop your phone and engage in a fierce snowball fight!

They will be available in several colors and buyers will be able to choose between knit or fleece exteriors as well as fleece or furry interiors. You will be able to take phone calls on the Sound Huggles as well; the battery should last for seven hours of music playback or 10 hours of talk time.

Sound Huggle Teaser-audio news

Perhaps the coolest feature: The headphones are collapsible, so you can slip them off your ears and fold them directly into a jacket pocket. Since they are buffered by soft, woven fabric, there is no need to worry about toting around a zippered carry case either.

According to the website, the headphones will feature “crisp vocals, warm mids, clean bass, [and] rich quality sound.” Since we don’t know anything about the technology, we can neither affirm nor rebuke this claim.

While these could certainly come in handy during your winter walks, they could make a real impression if they can also be used for winter action sports like skiing and snowboarding. If you’re interested, you can sign up via Sound Huggle for exclusive offers and early access to future products, giveaways, secret sales, and announcements.

As always, we must urge you to carefully consider before investing in any crowdfunded projects. There is no guarantee this product ever makes it to market.

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