SpeakerCraft BoomTomb underground subwoofers wake the dead

speakercraft boomtomb underground subwoofers wake the deadIf you hear a rumbling groan the next time you walk across your neighbor’s lawn, it might not be a dormant zombie army reanimating to claim the world from the living, but rather, Speakercraft’s latest in outside entertainment: an underground subwoofer. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the company revealed its new BoomTomb at Wednesday’s CEDIA home theater show.

As the name would suggest, custom installers will need to reach for a shovel rather than a drywall saw to install the BoomTomb, which drops into the ground like a coffin with a snorkel-like pipe that rises up from the ground. With hood attached, it could almost be mistaken for a septic system vent – save the ground-rattling boom it emits.

The weatherproof poly-resin enclosure contains a long-throw 10-inch subwoofer, which is ported to the surface via the vent pipe. It’s designed to be driven from a 250-watt amplifier snuggled safely with source equipment, somewhere dry and decidedly not subterranean.

Why initiate sonic warfare with the neighborhood by installing an outdoor subwoofer? SpeakerCraft designed the BoomTomb to mate with its existing Outdoor Elements, Ruckus and OG series speakers, providing the low-end grunt that has been missing from the great outdoors until this point.

The company will launch the BoomTomb in the fourth quarter at a price yet to be announced.