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Amazon cut the price of this 75-inch 4K TV to just $470

The 75-inch Toshiba C350 4K Smart Fire TV against a white background.

If you’re upgrading your living room with a new TV, then you probably want to go with something that’s a little bit on the bigger side. Not only do they give you a ton more screen space, they’re great if you don’t have couches and seats close to the TV. So, if you’re thinking of picking something up, then this massive 75-inch TV from Toshiba is a great option, especially since Amazon has knocked its price down to $470 from $650, saving you a substantial $180 in the process and snagging one of the best TVs on the market for an excellent price.

Why you should buy the TOSHIBA 75-inch Class C350 Series

This Toshiba C350 has a surprising number of features under the hood, given the price tag, such as the support for HDR and HDR10, so that you get much better contrast and color reproduction than you would without. It also comes with the Regza Engine 4K, which helps with things like making images crisper and increasing image fidelity; plus, it has its own optimization engine that alters the image to make it seem more true-to-life, which is neat. The C350 Series also has great audio due to the inclusion of Dolby Atmos, so if you don’t have a standalone soundbar or sound system, then the included speakers on the TV are pretty good.

As for those who want to game on the TV, unfortunately it only has a 60Hz base refresh rate, although that’s not actually a dealbreaker if you’re on something like the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X or Series S since most games tend to be capped at that anyway. Also, it has an auto-low latency game mode, which helps decrease input lag and makes controlling the game feel much more snappy and responsive. Another great feature is the microphone that’s included with the remote, so you can control the TV remotely with just your voice, which is a big plus.

All in all, the TOSHIBA 75-inch Class C350 Series is a great TV that’s worth grabbing for the upgrade, especially with the discount from Amazon that brings the price down to $470. That said, if you’re looking for some alternatives, be sure to check out these other great 75-inch TV deals, and if you don’t care so much about size, these general TV deals might have something better for you.

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This TCL 65-inch TV is still discounted to $700 from $1,100
2024 TCL QM7 4K mini-LED TV.

If you weren't able to make a purchase during Prime Day TV deals, the good news is that there are still some amazing offers that are available. Here's a great example -- the 65-inch TCL QM7 Series 4K TV with a $400 discount from Best Buy, which brings its price down from $1,100 to a more reasonable $700. We're not sure how much time is remaining before the TV's price returns to normal, so if you want to get it for much cheaper than usual, you need to complete the transaction soon.

Why you should buy the 65-inch TCL QM7 Series 4K TV
The 65-inch TCL QM7 Series 4K TV is a QLED TV that features the brand's QD-Mini LED technology, which promises fantastic contrast and vibrant colors for a theatrical viewing experience in the comfort of your own living room. The TV is also equipped with TCH's AIPQ PRO processor, which uses AI to optimize settings for even better visuals, and it supports Dolby Atmos Audio for immersive sound. You should consult out guide on what size TV to buy though, just to be sure that you have ample space for the 65-inch TCL QM7 Series 4K TV.

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Best Walmart Prime Day TV Sale: OLED, QLED and 4K for cheap
Samsung S95D OLED review

While Amazon has officially signaled the end of Prime Day, there are still plenty of Prime Day deals leftover for the pickings. Among them are some impressive Prime Day TV deals, and they're taking place at Walmart. Among the Walmart Prime Day TV deals remaining are some Sony Prime Day deals, Samsung Prime Day deals, Prime Day QLED TV deals, and Prime Day OLED TV deals to take a look at. We've gathered them all up below, so read onward for all of the Walmart Prime Day TV deals that remain.
Best Walmart Prime Day TV deal
Sony 77-inch Bravia XR A80L 4K OLED TV -- $2,978, was $3,499

OLED technology is best enjoyed on a large screen, so if you're interested, you're going to want to buy something like the 77-inch Sony Bravia XR A80L 4K OLED TV. It's powered by Sony's  Cognitive Processor XR that delivers natural colors, detailed blacks, and high peak brightness, and it runs on the Google TV platform to let you watch streaming shows and movies. It's also perfect for the PlayStation 5 as it offers exclusive features to make the console's gameplay even more memorable. It's on sale from Walmart for Prime Day for $2,978, for savings of $521 on its original price of $3,499, and every penny will be worth it.

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Best Vizio Prime Day deals: 4K TVs and soundbars
The Vizio 75-inch V-Series TV in a living room environment being watched by the whole family.

Prime Day deals are still hanging around despite the event officially ending, and this is great news if you're still looking to land a TV on the cheap. Prime Day TV deals have been some of the best of the event, and while there's still some TCL Prime Day deals, Sony Prime Day deals, and Samsung Prime Day deals to shop, Vizio is where you should turn if you want some seriously low starting price points. We've rounded up the best Vizio Prime Day deals that remain, and you can find them all below. We've even tracked down some Prime Day soundbar deals made by Vizio so you can pair one with your new Vizio TV.
Best Vizio TV Prime Day deals
Vizio is one of the best TV brands around with a focus on QLED TVs but also great TVs overall, particularly when gaming. You won’t see Vizio featured among the best TVs we’ve looked at but it’s still a highly reliable brand that’s worth your time and money.

Vizio 32-inch D-Series Full HD Smart TV --
Vizio 40-inch D-Series Full HD Smart TV --
Vizio 50-inch 4K Smart TV --
Vizio 50-inch V-Series 4K Smart TV --
Vizio 65-inch 4K Smart TV --

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