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Yamaha's new YAS-207 soundbar features exciting new surround sound tech

yamaha announces yas 207 soundbar sound bar with dts virtual x  wall mount
Yamaha has unveiled the latest in a series of high-end sound bars, the YAS-207, which claims to feature the company’s most immersive 3D sound experience yet, and is set to replace the company’s excellent YAS-203 soundbar.

Yamaha’s latest offering will be the first soundbar to showcase DTS Virtual:X technology, audio processing software that is designed to create realistic surround sound even without an extra set of speakers behind your ears.

In addition to processing audio that has already been mixed in surround sound, the new YAS-207 soundbar is also designed to add surround sound to stereo audio signals and music to create more spacious, room-filling sound.

“For over a decade Yamaha has led innovation in sound bars by finding new ways to make things easier for our customers while also providing a better listening experience,” said Yamaha America’s general manager of AV Robert Goedken in a press release. “We’re excited to add this new technology from DTS to our YAS-207 soundbar as it helps us deliver on both of these goals. It’s a technological innovation that people are really going to love.”

The addition of DSP technology to create surround sound effect is nothing new. However, DTS is know for its impressive virtual processing, including its almost shockingly accurate DTS Headphone: X technology. It will be very interesting to see how well the DTS Virtual:X 3D audio effects are utilized in a singular soundbar design. The software will come via a firmware update in August, and will begin shipping standard with the device in the fall.

The new soundbar can also comes with dual HDMI ports which support 4K HDR passthrough at 60 frames per second, as well as featuring Bluetooth and Yamaha DSP features like Clear Voice, which raises the dialogue levels of news, sports, and other TV programs.

The YAS-207 will be available starting in July, and will retail for a $300. More information can be found at Yamaha’s website.

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