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You’re an adult. So build the blanket fort of your dreams with these gadgets

The largest blanket fort on record measures more than 3,300 square feet and was put together by a team that includes students from North London Collegiate School (sorry, Greendale), proving these soft structures aren’t just child’s play. You too can have your own grown-up fort.

An indoor fort is limited only by your imagination… and the amount of pillows and blankets you have on hand. There are entire Pinterest sites dedicated to constructing and adorning your fort, so we’re going to focus on what Mom always said really counts — what’s inside. Below, we’ve rounded up some cool gear to make your blanket fort the coolest one on the block.

It’s the circle of light – Philips Hue go ($95)


Lighting is pretty essential, because it’s going to be pretty dim beneath your blankets. If you’re going to adorn your fort with twinkly Christmas lights, you’ll still want to supplement with some extra illumination. The Hue go is a fun little bowl of light that lasts three hours on a single charge, works with an app (though you will need the Philips hub for that), and lights up in a range of colors. At 300 lumens, it’s not super bright, so if you’re planning on turning this into a reading fort, you might want something stronger. Read more here.


Catch some air – Fatboy Lamzac Hangout ($70)

When you’re a kid, lying around on the floor with nothing but a thin mat beneath you is called naptime. As an adult, you might want something a little more cozy. The Lamzac Hangout is a pretty ingenious way to add some extra seating to your fort. Open it up, whip it around like you’re opening a garbage bag, and you’ll have a soft spot to lounge.


Load of bunk beds – Resource Furniture Palazzo transforming bunk beds

When you try to cram eight people into a four-bedroom Airbnb, there’s invariably a bunk bed in one of the rooms. And while you and your significant other might not want put one in your bedroom at home, it’s still sort of a fun, throwback adventure for a couple of nights. And while this couch that transforms into a bunk bed is definitely expensive, it’s still one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. No other item on this list screams “This must go in my grown-up fort” quite as much.

Resource Furniture

Netflix and whatever – Touchjet Pond ($525)

Children can spend hours in a blanket fort using their imaginations. If that part of you has withered up and died, you can always use a mini-projector, like the Touchjet Pond, to watch Netflix. Instead of having to hold your tablet above your head as you recline amongst your pillows, though, it will project it on a flat surface, so be sure to leave a flap open, so you can aim it at the wall.

Buy one now from:


Sticky fingers – Nostalgia Electrics electric S’mores maker ($32)

Do s’mores and blankets mix? No. But still, you have to eat, and because you’re an adult, you can have chocolate for dinner if you want, damnit. Obviously you can make s’mores in your oven, but Nostalgia Electrics naturally created a device specifically for making indoor s’mores. It probably won’t keep you from dribbling chocolatey marshmallow all over your linens, but it shouldn’t set your blankets on fire.


A fridge too far – IceMule Classic Cooler ($50 – $184)

Once you’re ensconced in your fort, you don’t want to get up every time you need to refill your beverage. Yes, there are mini fridges, but space is at a premium in a blanket fort. That’s why this backpack cooler from Icemule might do the trick. Sure, you’re only lugging it from the fridge and back, but it will still be more compact — some models have as small as an 8-inch diameter — than the wheeled contraption you take to the beach.


Roasty toasty – Crane Fireplace Heater ($76)


Don’t try to make s’mores on it or anything, but this Crane mini fireplace heater is perfect for chilly spring nights. And even if you’re planning on hanging out in your blanket fort all summer, you can turn on the fire animation without heat, so it won’t be competing with your air conditioner.


Bed down – Privacy Pop bed tent ($130 – $160) & iKamperUSA Room in Room ($119 – $152)

If constructing an elaborate fort isn’t your style and you don’t have a Hogwarts-style canopy bed complete with privacy drapes, you can always get a tent bed. The Privacy Pop fits over your mattress and lets you zip up to shut out the light and the rest of the world. The Room in Room is a similar idea but with more of a traditional tent shape.

Amazon iKamperUSA

Wind tunnel – O2COOL portable fan ($27)

As long as you’ve properly secured your blankets and sheets with regulation clips and clothespins, your fort should be able to withstand the artificial elements, aka a fan. Since you don’t want to be limited to building a fort near an outlet, why not opt for a battery-operated device like the 10-inch O2Cool? It can’t hurt to have a little air circulating in your enclosed space.


Attack zone – Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow ($22)

If you’re going to build an adult blanket fort, it doesn’t have to be too refined. Obviously forts are cool to hang out in, but they’re also meant to protect from malevolent outsiders, be they usurpers, zombies, or a dog hellbent on destruction. That’s where the Nerf crossbow comes in. Please don’t shoot your pets with Nerf guns. Your friends and loved ones are fair game, though.


Stars are projectors – Soaiy Led night light lamp + Aurora Borealis projector ($25)

Part of the charm of a blanket fort is lying back and staring at your cloth ceiling, but adding a dazzling indoor light show is also pretty neat. There are a few night sky projectors that tout stars and such, but Soaiy’s Aurora Borealis version whisks you away to distant fjords. The aurora borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your living room? Yes.


Feel the burn – Anywhere Fireplace Metropolitan tabletop fireplace ($160)

This one you probably want to keep outside the tent, what with the real flames and all, but the Metropolitan tabletop fireplace can bring a little bit of authentic outdoor experience to your indoor fort enclave. Plus, it just looks really cool.


Tune in – Riva Audio RIVA S Bluetooth speaker ($249)


Whether you want to listen to your favorite campfire songs or surround yourself with the sounds of nature, a good speaker is essential. The Riva S doesn’t sacrifice size for sound. You can pair it with a second speaker, if you really want to fill your fort with sound. And should your blanket fort suddenly spring a leak, the Bluetooth speaker is water resistant, too.


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