A Classic Album Returns…On USB Memory Stick

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley’s classic reggae album, Exodus, the disc was re-issued on June 4 in an unusual format – a USB Memory Stick.   This is thefirst time an artist-specific record has been released this way, and it will only be available via the late artist’s official Bob Marley web site.  In addition to the general release, there will be a limited edition of 4000 USB Memory Sticks with extra content. In addition to the original 10 tracks of Exodus, there will also be three video cuts,recorded in London during 1977.   The Memory Stick format for releasing music is one that hasn’t been explored, certainly not for an artist of this stature. Marley remains the biggestartist to emerge from Jamaica, even 26 years after his death of cancer.   Also interesting is the decision to release this through an artist site, rather than using the resources of a majorlabel (Marley’s work appeared on Island, which is now part of the Universal mega-group). It shows that labels are interested in exploring new ways of marketing as music distribution becomesmore fragmented.   According to the publicist, the decision to release Exodus in this manner offers “an alternative way for fans to purchase music, introducing them to the excitingtechnology available in today’s music marketplace.”   Marley recorded Exodus, which is regularly called one of the great records of the 20th century, in Europe. He’dleft his homeland at the beginning of that year, following an assassination attempt in late 1976.