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Is Nest planning to get into the home security business?

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A few weeks ago, we predicted Nest’s next product would be a smart outlet. The Google-owned smart-device maker prides itself on updating “unloved” home products, such as thermostats and smoke detectors. However, if ADT has any say in the matter, they’ll likely want Nest to roll out some smart alarms.

The home security company is eager to partner with Nest, according to Forbes. ADT CEO Naren Gursahaney tells Forbes, “We’re working feverishly to develop the partnership.” While ADT already has a system, Pulse, that users can control remotely, lots of competitors are trying to get into the smart home security market via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and the like. From video doorbells to hubs to tiny sensors, it seems like lots of products offer home protection as a bonus, instead of the main focus. And all of them come without the monthly fee of a system like ADT. If Nest does want to go the security route, it would be time-consuming and costly to set up call centers that can contact police and fire departments. It would be much easier to piggyback on ADT’s already established ones.

About seven million customers pay ADT’s monthly fee, which has to be attractive to Nest. After all, a recent survey found that many consumers had no idea products like smart thermostats and smoke alarms even exist. The exposure to that customer base could raise Nest’s profile. However, the company is staying mum for now. “We don’t have anything to share on the topic at this time,” Nest spokeswoman Zoz Cuccias told Forbes.

Ironically, a partnership with Nest might raise security concerns for ADT. Wi-Fi-enabled devices could be vulnerable to hacks, which is the last thing anyone wants from an alarm system. Still, for those who want smart home devices, connected alarms are among the most coveted items.

With Nest being cagey about the potential partnership, it’s not clear when, if ever, we could see it ruling the smart home security roost.

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