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EatLove and Allrecipes partner with AmazonFresh for cooking convenience

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You can’t quite reach through your computer and retrieve a freshly cooked meal yet, but it seems like we’re inching ever closer to such a (slightly alarming) reality. The latest innovation hoping to validate your decision to cook rather than order comes in the form of AmazonFresh’s latest partnerships. Both Allrecipes and EatLove now boast integrations with AmazonFresh, allowing customers to search, plan, and shop for meals in one place.

You can now pick your recipe from either Allrecipes or EatLove, and head over to AmazonFresh to get the necessary ingredients delivered to your doorstep, all on the same day. So while you may have to turn on your stove, you still don’t have to leave your apartment.

While Allrecipes has given home cooks the option of buying groceries online for quite some time, it’s never done so in conjunction with AmazonFresh. But now that it has, it ought to make for even cheaper and more convenient meals. Similarly, EatLove will help home cooks select their dietary preferences, including nutrition, health and lifestyle goals, food allergies, and personal tastes, and create a customized meal plan with an optimized grocery list. And now, that grocery list can be sent off to AmazonFresh for online shopping and ordering.

As EatLove CEO Monique Nadeau noted in statement, “The collaboration with AmazonFresh is the natural next step for EatLove further simplifying weekly meal planning with online shopping and ordering, all under 10 minutes.”

Allrecipes promises a similarly seamless experience, as you don’t even have to do any real online shopping in order to fill your virtual cart. Simply decide what you want to cook from the Allrecipes database, then send the shopping list directly to an AmazonFresh shopping cart, which will then provide you with detailed product and pricing information. Allrecipes will select their favorite food brands for each recipe ingredient, but during the review process, you’re welcome to swap out anything that doesn’t meet your exacting standards. Then, decide upon your preferred delivery time, whether that’s later in the day or the next morning.

“We are proud to lead the way in food innovation for home cooks and for our brand partners,” Jon Werther, the president of Allrecipes’ parent company Meredith National Media Group, said in a statement. “Our integration with Amazon will make it easier for millions of home cooks to order all of the ingredients needed for dinner that night or for a weekly meal plan — and have them delivered to their doorstep within hours. We’re providing an unparalleled level of convenience, and making it that much easier to turn the food inspiration our audience sees on Allrecipes into reality.”

Update: EatLove has also integrated with AmazonFresh.

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