Bionic Bopper Bots places you in the robotic ring

Bionic-Bumper-BotsWe can’t help but let our inner-child get giddy with glee when looking at this insanely cool duo of Bionic Bopper bots from Hammacher Schlemmer. Weighing in at a combined total of 800 lbs and hailing from the planet of Red Robot and Blue Robot, these motorized boxers can duke it out while being controlled by two humanoid drivers.

Both bots feature a protective steel cage cockpit and use thumb-triggered buttons with two independently controlled joysticks that control each of the robots tire-tread wrapped fists. Each fist can deliver a punch to its counterpart,which scores a point that is recorded on a front-mounted display on each of the robot’s caged torso.

The punching robotic pugilists are powered by a Honda gas engine and can move at speeds up to 3 mph via hidden wheels located underneath the bots frame providing forward, backward and spinning maneuverability. The bots carry a fuel capacity that provides up to five hours of uninterrupted robotic rumbling, with a built-in rechargeable 12-volt battery providing power to the on-board electronics. A bumper wraps around the base of each robot, helping keep the bots at optimal sparring distance

Looking to enter into the robotic ring? The futuristic fun doesn’t come cheap, with these boxing bots retailing at a whopping $17,000 each.