BlogBurst Pushes Blogs to Traditional Media

If you think your blog is better than anything you read in the Sunday paper, here’s something for you: Pluck Corporation has announced the launch of BlogBurst, a syndication service which effectively makes a wire service from content published via member blogs. The new twist? BlogBurst’s syndication is linked up with traditional media outlets around the world, including the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and other publications which have signed up to include blog content as part of their regular news and features.

“BlogBurst offers editors a way to supplement their news coverage or give readers deeper content in important niche areas of their site,” said Scott Clark, vice president and editor, “Either way, BlogBurst helps increase the diversity of voices on a site, which should be a goal for everyone working on the Web.”

Here’s how it works: bloggers sign up to syndicate their content free of charge on, then keep blogging as normal. Blogs need to have full-text RSS or Atom feeds available (offered by many blogging systems these days), be updated at least once a week, be family-friendly and kids-safe, free copyright violations or libelous material, and offer high-quality content with distinct, intelligent writing. (Yes, we realize that eliminates about 99 percent of all blogs from consideration