Book Chargers cleverly hide your iPhone dock in a vintage hardcover book

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We’ve seen old-school book covers for everything from the iPhone to iPad, to Kindles, and while we like the sense of humor and bit of irony, we found something else that we like even better. Book Chargers ($45+) by Rich Neeley Designs have taken the idea one step further by creating a discreet way to charge your iPhone that’s perfect for those who love books, home decor, and their iPhones. Docks for Apple devices are great and all, but you don’t get much choice when it comes to the design. They are mostly black or white and rather high-tech looking. If that’s not your thing, well, you’re kind of stuck. If you don’t need speakers to go along with your charging dock, we’ve found the perfect discreet way to charge your iOS device without sacrificing a less high-tech sense of style. 

book chargers cleverly hide your iphone dock in a vintage hardcover bookcharger1

In case you can’t tell from the photos, Book Chargers are tasteful charging docks for your iPhone that are made out of vintage hardcover books. A tiny 30-pin dock connector gives you the perfect place to rest your iPhone, while the included USB charging cable (to be used with a wall adapter)  is tucked away in the back of the book to stay out of sight. The charging cord is snugly secured into the book, so you don’t have to worry about the cord ever falling behind your desk or nightstand and out of reach. Just plug the USB cord into a device or Apple wall adapter and you’re good to charge and sync as much as you need. 

For those who aren’t big on sleek and shiny high-tech styling, we love the idea of these Book Chargers as a fun home decor and perfect charging alternative. Top the stack of books on your coffee table or nightstand with one of these and you’ve got a creative and cleverly hidden charging station that doesn’t scream Apple or high-tech nerd. Plus, because the books are sought out by Neeley and his wife on “book hunting” trips, every charging station is unique. The books all have an individual style and come in various sizes, colors, and patterns.