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Is that rain? Bosch’s slew of smart home products give weather recs and much more

Bosch showed off its Home Connect system at CES 2015. There were countless smart home systems debuting at the electronics convention, but what sets Bosch apart is that it goes beyond sensors and cameras (though it has those, too) to connect to the company’s appliances. The booth boasted a smart fridge, dishwasher, washer, and dryer that will connect to the system.

You can start your washer from an app, which is nice but similar to many other smart home devices we saw at CES. The fridge has two cameras that snap a picture each time you open the door; it sends them to the app, so you can see whether or not you need milk or eggs the next time you’re at the grocery store.

The company knows it’s unrealistic to assume anyone will have all Bosch-brand appliances in his or her home, so it has committed to making its Home Connect work across a variety of other appliance manufacturers, such as Samsung. Already available in Austria and Germany, the appliances and Home Connect will roll out in more European markets this year and in the U.S. next year.

Bosch also showed off its RRC, a programmable thermostat. Using temperature sensors and a remote boiler controller to adjust the climate, the device also compensates for outdoor weather using online data and outdoor sensors. It can turn up the heat on cold days and lower the temp on scorchers.

Finally, the company announced the BME680, a sensor that measures gas, temperature, humidity, and pressure in a neat little package. The gas sensor monitors the room’s air quality and even gives personalized weather recommendations. We can’t wait for one that tells us, “It’s way too cold out there. Stay in bed.”

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