Bottlehood recycles old bottles to make everyday tumblers

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It’s hard to recycle every stray beer bottle sometimes, we know, but it’s good for the environment so we try (right?). This little company not only recycles your party leftovers, but turns them into something arguably better. Etsy seller Bottlehood has come up with a creative, profitable, and eco-friendly way to recycle various glass beverage bottles – wine, hard alcohol, beer, and soda. By cutting off the tops of these bottles and smoothing out the rims, Bottlehood turns these labeled bottles into fun and charming tumblers for everyday use. Create a collection or show off your loyalty to your favorite vodka or beer. We’re pretty sure that drinking water out of a recycled vodka bottle is cooler than your typical clear glass, so have at it. Prices range from $15 to $45, and often you snag your favorite style in matching sets.