Braun reissues minimalist analog watch designs

braun reissues minimalist analog watch designs 01

In an exciting move in the spirit of revival, Braun has recently announced that it will be re-issuing several iconic timepiece styles from the spans of the company’s history. The collection so far includes an alarm clock originally produced in the 90s and several watch designs from the 70s. All of the pieces were made based on the original designs of Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, with slight modifications. Everything in the collection is delightfully minimalist, a design principle that the company has long stood by and which will please a new generation of minimalist watch-lovers. The collection includes the Analog Watch in black and white (above, $150 and $180), which are slightly different but hold similar sleek appeal, as well as a square LCD design. The Analog Watch designs are crafted with a leather wrist strap, scratch-resistant mineral glass, and three-hand quartz movement. The watches stand by the company’s minimalist, functional, and high-quality standards. We think they’d make for a pretty great everyday watch, too.