Burton Beeracuda is your ‘liquid lunchbox’ on the go

burton beeracuda is your liquid lunchbox on the go 246383938 1

Some occasions call for carrying your beverages around with you. If you are wandering the slopes, heading to a barbecue, or generally just want to look like a crazy person and the envy of all your friends at the same time, the Burton Beeracuda ($20) should be on your shopping list. The tubular insulated cooler holds five beer cans inside and has a koozie attached to the shoulder strap for the one you are already drinking. That makes for a carrying load of six beer cans, no hands required. Sling this baby over your shoulder and you’re ready to go, no refrigerator necessary. The cooler is made from durable 600D polyester and comes in a samurai sword print, a wizard pattern, or the strange ‘tubesteak’ print that makes the Beeracuda look like a giant hot dog. Pick your poison, gents.