Fifty Shades of Lamp: This butt-shaped light turns on when you slap it

When it comes to ambiance, there is nothing like a little mood lighting to encourage a certain feeling in a room. With that said, there’s no denying that Slap It immediately conjures up a particular kind of mood, since the butt-shaped lamp illuminates when pinched, slapped, tickled, or otherwise fondled or caressed.

In 2014, London-based artist Joseph Begley released a limited run of only fifty custom-made lamps that sold for as much as £700, or about US $1083. Since Begley’s original artist edition Slap It was released in 2014, the appeal of a more playful take on a mundane daily action made the rounds of British media. It was featured on UK reality show “Made in Chelsea” and was even on display at the famous luxury lingerie boutique Petit Bisous in London.

While Begley’s initial design was marketed more as a valuable art piece than cheeky mood lighting (pun intended), the more commercialized version of the Slap It lamp is being released with a price tag of £149 for the “single” and £399 for “triplets”, which works out to about $230 for one butt lamp and $617 for three. It’s certainly more expensive than a standard lightbulb, for those with a keen eye for interior design and a certain sense of humor, the possibilities for Slap It lamp amusement are nearly endless.

The warm glow of the Slap It lamp was designed for release in magenta, blue, cyan, red, green, yellow and orange, and its particularly squishy silicone surface is packed with pressure sensors so that a wide variety of anatomically-correct actions will turn the lamp either on or off. There’s no need to get too kinky though; the lamp turns on just as effectively with a gentle squeeze or an affectionate pinch as it does from a full on open-handed smack.

All in all, it looks like the best way to get your money’s worth with the Slap It lamp is to choreograph interpretive lighting routines to the tune of your favorite booty songs