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‘Brie’ of good cheer! The Fondoodler is the ultimate gift for cheese lovers

Build Your Own Nacho Bar
What do you get the cheese lover on your Christmas list who has everything? The gift at the top of the list of best cheese-related gifts has got to be the Fondoodler, the “glue gun for cheese.” It’s like cheese in a can, but with more variety and sophistication.

It works just like a regular glue gun — stuff any kind of cheese you want to enjoy into the barrel and when you squeeze the trigger, out comes delicious gooey cheese. Squirt your favorite cheddar onto buttered crackers, or spicy pepper jack onto nachos. Instead of a gingerbread house this holiday season, build yourself a delicious cheese and cracker village. Why? Because you earned it.

The Fondoodler kit comes with everything you need to make the perfect melty cheese treat. It includes a cheese corer so that you can carve out the perfect sized tube of of your favorite cheese to use in your Fondoodler. The product is compatible with all varieties of cheese, although hard cheeses may be easiest to load into the barrel.image-grid-3

The Fondoodler is the product of Buzzfeed Product Labs. Buzzfeed is doing more than just showing us useless products that we need, they’re selling them to us now. Before they started the Product Lab, Buzzfeed’s commerce was mainly generated through affiliate links rather than actual retail products. The products they have already rolled out include the Homesick candle, which produces smells characteristic of various states in the U.S.

Tasty, the popular food channel run by Buzzfeed, already features at least one recipe that highlights the Fondoodler. So you know that all of your cheese loving friends will be all over this soon enough. You can order your own Fondoodler online for $25. Buzzfeed isn’t promising delivery by Christmas, but if you order now it will be shipped sometime in December.

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