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Buzzworthy Book, DVD, and Blu-ray releases for the week of November 7

Here are some of the hottest, most buzzed-about books this week. Download them on your Kindle, read them on your iPad, or go to a bookstore if you like to keep things old-school.

11/22/63 by Stephen King

Fiction big-name Stephen King is back with a gripping novel about the day President Kennedy died — as the title would suggest. In this version, however; a man travels back in time to attempt to stop the shocking assassination that rocked the country. The novel keeps the terrifying tone that King is known for, with plenty of drama and horror to be had as the 35 year-old teacher embarks on his journey. 


Back to Work by Bill Clinton

In this new book by the former President, Bill Clinton takes a hard look at our current economic woes as a country and gives specific and comprehensive advice on how we can get back to a strong economy by putting people back to work and working together in government. In the book he supports President Obama’s heralding of green energy to create new jobs, says that we must focus on shared prosperity, and argues that we will get nowhere with the current anti-government attitude. 


SEAL Target Geronimo by Chuck Pfarrer

Written by a former assault commander of the US Navy’s SEAL Team Six, this book gives readers an inside look at the mission to kill terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. Pfarrer gives readers an astounding peek into what the actual mission looked like and what happened before, during, and after Bin Laden was shot at his Pakistani compound. The book is filled with never-before-revealed details that will fascinate any history or war buff. 


If you’re looking to add to your movie collection, we’ve selected a few of the best titles coming out this week on DVD and Blu-ray.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

The epic finale of the Harry Potter series has finally arrived in film form and is now available on Blu-ray to be watched over and over again by rabid fans. We won’t go into detail about the plot of the final HP installment, but we will say that the film has been heralded as a gripping adaptation of the book that stays true to the original, is visually stunning, and has plenty of action and drama to conclude the famous series with a bang. 


The Change-Up

No one’s winning any Oscars here, but there are laughs and cringes to be had in this comedy about two friends who switch places. Jason Bateman, a settled-down dad, and his handsome single bachelor friend Ryan Reynolds end up in each other’s bodies and hilarity ensues as each have to adjust to the quirks of the opposite lifestyle. We’re betting the unrated version has enough crude humor in it to make your older brother blush. 


Doctor Who: The Sixth Series, Part 2

The longest running science fiction series ever is back with the second half of the sixth installment. Confused yet? This DVD includes the most recent episodes of the BBC series, which features humanoid alien Doctor Who traveling through space in the TARDIS time machine to help people and right wrongs. In this part of the series we see Doctor Who and his companions investigate the mysterious Silence that caused the TARDIS to explode in a previous installment. 


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